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PHX ModelCenter 7.1.2

Ā ModelCenterĀ® is a visual environment for process integration to support your entire design team. With PHX ModelCenter, you can quickly create an engineering process and then perform complex design exploration techniques to find the best design. PHX ModelCenter is adaptable, and works well with groups whose design processes change frequently.

PHX ModelCenter automates the process of running the hundreds of design programs you use during a typical design project. Using PHX ModelCenter, design data is automatically passed from one program to another, freeing you to concentrate on the results of the design and not the drudgery of running individual programs.

PHX ModelCenter allows you to easily construct your design process as a series of linked applications with a simple interface. You can connect to your applications that are wrapped with the Analysis Server to build the process. Once completed, you will have organized analysis models, digitally mapped design procedures, and complete control over all of your product information.


Better Designs
PHX ModelCenter gives you powerful tools to inspect designs and find weaknesses. Correcting these weaknesses early in the design process can save corporations millions. Trade studies within PHX ModelCenter help you and your team find optimal solutions with lower weight, higher performance, and more robustness in the design.

Reduces Errors
Manual data translation and linking is costly and error-prone. Automating this step in the design process helps reduce mistakes.

Saves Time
PHX ModelCenter eliminates the manual transfer of data between applications, thereby reducing design cycle time. With that “extra” time, you can evaluate more design alternatives which results in a better final product.