Day: December 14, 2015


Zemax OpticStudio V15_SR1

OpticStudio 15 adds speed, capability, convenience, and flexibility to the most widely used optical and illumination design software in the industry.

  • Optimize classic lens designs 18x faster, easier, and with better results
  • Added mobility for multi-user network systems with software licensing
  • Incorporate high-resolution holograms and phase masks into optical system designs
  • Deeper, easier visualization of 2D/3D optical system designs
  • Faster Optimization for Classic Lens Designs (All Editions) – a new merit function wizard in OpticStudio 15.5 enables separate, user defined glass and air boundary constraints for each surface of an imaging or afocal system. Splitting the constraints into separate targets delivers speed improvements up to 18x faster with better results.
  • Deeper Visualization of 2D/3D Systems and Data (All Editions) – usability improvements in OpticStudio 15.5 enable you to see multiple aspects of your designs, easier, faster and with greater detail. Improvements include:
    • Active overlay for analyses to combine similar data onto a single plot for easy comparison.
    • 2D/3D layouts now support 3D space mouse devices and improved annotation for better visual control.
    • Through-focus-spot and full-field-spot analyses now support dynamic data visualization controls for deeper, detailed visual analysis.


LucidShape is the most powerful and advanced computer aided lighting (CAL) design software for automotive lighting design tasks. With dedicated algorithms optimized for automotive applications, LucidShape facilitates the design of automotive forward, rear and signal lighting, and reflectors.LucidShape_2.0

LucidShape FunGeo

LucidShape FunGeo is the ultimate tool to help you quickly and easily create reflector or lens geometry. It leverages proprietary algorithms that automatically calculate and construct optical geometries based on user-defined illuminance and intensity patterns. This unique, functional approach gives you the the freedom to focus on overall design objectives rather than the implementation details of complex optical components.


Accelerate LucidShape illumination simulations with GPUTrace and experience a quantum leap in speed! LucidShape is the first optical simulation software to take advantage of graphics processing unit (GPU) computing to deliver simulation speed increases by orders of magnitude compared to multithreading capabilities.

Visualize Module

LucidShape’s Visualize Module delivers high-speed photorealistic images of an automotive lighting system’s lit appearance, which demonstrate luminance effects when light sources in a model are illuminated. Because the Visualize Module depicts all interactions between system geometry and light sources, it provides designers with a physically correct diagnostic tool for evaluating how a lighting system will be perceived by the human eye. This is particularly important for evaluating automotive components such as turn signals and brake lights. The Visualize Module is a fast, reliable engineering tool that enables designers to perform design checks and make improvements early and often in the product development process.