Zemax OpticStudio V15_SR1

OpticStudio 15 adds speed, capability, convenience, and flexibility to the most widely used optical and illumination design software in the industry.

  • Optimize classic lens designs 18x faster, easier, and with better results
  • Added mobility for multi-user network systems with software licensing
  • Incorporate high-resolution holograms and phase masks into optical system designs
  • Deeper, easier visualization of 2D/3D optical system designs
  • Faster Optimization for Classic Lens Designs (All Editions) – a new merit function wizard in OpticStudio 15.5 enables separate, user defined glass and air boundary constraints for each surface of an imaging or afocal system. Splitting the constraints into separate targets delivers speed improvements up to 18x faster with better results.
  • Deeper Visualization of 2D/3D Systems and Data (All Editions) – usability improvements in OpticStudio 15.5 enable you to see multiple aspects of your designs, easier, faster and with greater detail. Improvements include:
    • Active overlay for analyses to combine similar data onto a single plot for easy comparison.
    • 2D/3D layouts now support 3D space mouse devices and improved annotation for better visual control.
    • Through-focus-spot and full-field-spot analyses now support dynamic data visualization controls for deeper, detailed visual analysis.


LucidShape is the most powerful and advanced computer aided lighting (CAL) design software for automotive lighting design tasks. With dedicated algorithms optimized for automotive applications, LucidShape facilitates the design of automotive forward, rear and signal lighting, and reflectors.LucidShape_2.0

LucidShape FunGeo

LucidShape FunGeo is the ultimate tool to help you quickly and easily create reflector or lens geometry. It leverages proprietary algorithms that automatically calculate and construct optical geometries based on user-defined illuminance and intensity patterns. This unique, functional approach gives you the the freedom to focus on overall design objectives rather than the implementation details of complex optical components.


Accelerate LucidShape illumination simulations with GPUTrace and experience a quantum leap in speed! LucidShape is the first optical simulation software to take advantage of graphics processing unit (GPU) computing to deliver simulation speed increases by orders of magnitude compared to multithreading capabilities.

Visualize Module

LucidShape’s Visualize Module delivers high-speed photorealistic images of an automotive lighting system’s lit appearance, which demonstrate luminance effects when light sources in a model are illuminated. Because the Visualize Module depicts all interactions between system geometry and light sources, it provides designers with a physically correct diagnostic tool for evaluating how a lighting system will be perceived by the human eye. This is particularly important for evaluating automotive components such as turn signals and brake lights. The Visualize Module is a fast, reliable engineering tool that enables designers to perform design checks and make improvements early and often in the product development process.

Latest software ftp download tutorials

  1. [Other EDA] Frontline Genesis 2000 v10.01B3
  2. [DELCAM] Delcam PowerSHAPE 2015 R2
  3. [Other CFD] Siemens LMS Virtual.Lab Rev 13.2 Win64
  4. [Other CFD] Metacomp CFD++ v14.1.1
  5. [Dassault CATIA ] CATIA V5-6R2014 SP4 HotFix16
  6. [SolidWorks] R&B MoldWorks 2013 SP0.8 for SolidWorks 2012-2015
  7. [Biomedicine] Materialise 3-matic 9.0 STL
  8. [Biomedicine] Materialise MAGICS RP v19
  9. [Other EDA] Infolytica MotorSolve 5.0.1
  10. [Other CAD/CAM] Edgecam 2015 R1 SU2 Update
  11. [Dassault CATIA ] CATIA V5-6R2012 SP6 HotFix20
  12. [petroleum] Plate.n.Sheet.v4.10.16.e
  13. [MSC] MSC Apex 2014 Black Marlin win64
  14. [Cadence] Cadence SPB OrCAD 16.60.044 Hotfix
  15. [DELCAM] Delcam.Crispin.Engineer.2015.R1
  16. [petroleum] Schlumberger AquiferTest 2015.1
  17. [Other CFD] Siemens NX Nastran 10.1 Win64
  18. [BENTLEY] Bentley Microstran
  19. [PTC] PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1 F000
  20. [Other EDA] Antenna Magus 5.3.0 Pro
  21. [Mould Processing] AutoForm Plus R5.2.4 HotFix Win64.Linux64
  22. [Other EDA] Siemens LOGO!SoftComfort v8.0.0
  23. [Structural Analysis] CSI ETABS 2015 v15.0.0.1221
  24. [Other CAD/CAM] IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2015 v17.0
  25. [Other EDA] Cedrat Flux v12.0
  26. [Development ] Geostru Slope 2015 v25.5.1204
  27. [Optics] Lumerical Suite 2015a Linux
  28. [DELCAM] Delcam Crispin PatternCut 2014 R2 SP2
  29. [Geological Prospecting ] LizardTech.GeoExpress.v9.0.1.3818
  30. [Development ] Geostru SPW 2015.30.3.592
  31. [Siemens ] Siemens.PLM.NX.v10.0.1.MR1.Update
  32. [DELCAM] Delcam Crispin ShoeCost 2015 R1 SP1
  33. [Water Conservancy] Schlumberger.Visual.MODFLOW.Pro.Classic.Interface.v4.6.0.166
  34. [Structural Analysis] HEADS Site Release 14.1
  35. [Other CFD] Safe.Software.FME.Server.v2015.0.15253
  36. [Other CAD/CAM] CorelCAD.2015.v15.0.1.22
  37. [SolidWorks] SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2015 SP2.0 Multilanguage
  38. [SolidWorks] DriveWorks Solo v11 SP3
  39. [Other EDA] Altera Quartus II v14.1 Update1
  40. [Structural Analysis] ASTRA Pro v15.0
  41. [Other CFD] STAR-CCM+ v10.02.010.Win64&Linux64
  42. [DELCAM] Delcam Crispin ShoeMaker 2015 R2
  43. [DELCAM] Delcam DentCAD 2015 R1
  44. [Other CAD/CAM] MasterCAM.X8.HotFix.4.v17.0.19735.0
  45. [BENTLEY] Bentley Rail Track V8i SS2 v08.11.07.68
  46. [Other CFD] HEEDS.MDO.2014.07.Win64 & Linux64
  47. [SolidWorks] SolidWorks 2015 SP2.0 Full Multilanguage
  48. [Other CAD/CAM] GeoMagic.Design.Direct.v2014
  49. [Other CFD] ESI Visual-Environment v10.0 Linux64
  50. [PTC] PTC Creo 3.0 M030 with HelpCenter
  51. [Other CFD] Altair HW AcuSolve 13.0.301 HofFix
  52. [Math Statistics] FTI FastBlank 2014 for ProE WF5-Creo 3.0
  53. [Other EDA] Infolytica elecnet 7.05
  54. [Other EDA] Infolytica MotorSolve 5.0
  55. [Other EDA] JMAG-Designer 14.0.01t
  56. [Structural Analysis] BIMware MASTER EC2 Reinforcement 2015 v6.0.0
  57. [Autodesk] CGS Infrastructure Solutions 2015 v2.0.164 build 252
  58. [Other EDA] Altium CircuitStudio 1.0.4 build 41208
  59. [Chemical] CAESAR II 2014 v7.0 with sp1
  60. [SolidWorks] SPI SheetMetalWorks 2015 for SolidWorks 2015
  61. [ANSOFT] Ansoft HFSS Antenna Design Kit v2.15
  62. [Other EDA] Altium Designer 15.0.14 Build 40656
  63. [Other CFD] ESAComp 3.5.008
  64. [petroleum] Intergraph.SmartPlan.Spoolgen.Isometrics.2014
  65. [Other CAD/CAM] ITI TranscenData CADfix v10 x64

[Other CFD] AVL_Fire_2014.0_Win64_Linux64

[Other CAD/CAM] Elysium CADDoctor EX 6.6


Latest software download tutorials

  • [Other CAD/CAM] HiCAD 2015
  • [Development ] HELiOS.v2015
  • [DELCAM] Delcam PowerInspect 2015 SP1
  • [Other CFD] DS SIMULIA ABAQUS 6.14-3
  • [Dassault CATIA ] DS DELMIA V5-6R2015 GA
  • [SolidWorks] 3DQuickPress 6.0.3 HotFix
  • [DELCAM] Delcam PowerSHAPE 2015 R2 SP1
  • [DELCAM] Delcam Crispin PatternCut 2015 R1
  • [Dassault CATIA ] DS CATIA P3 V5-6R2015 GA
  • [MENTOR] Mentor.Graphics.QuestaSim.v10.4a
  • [PTC] PTC Creo Elements Pro v5.0.M260
  • [Autodesk] Autodesk AutoCAD Utility Design 2016
  • [Autodesk] Autodesk Revit Architecture 2016 Win64
  • [Autodesk] CADdoctor for Autodesk Simulation 2016
  • [Autodesk] Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Synergy 2016
  • [Autodesk] Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Adviser 2016 Ultimate
  • [ANSYS] ACT Acoustics 16.0
  • [Biomedicine] Tripos SYBYL-X 2.1.1
  • [Other CAD/CAM] SolidCAM 2014 SP5 for SolidWorks
  • [DELCAM] Delcam Crispin OrthoMODEL Pro 2013_OrthoMILL 2013
  • [DELCAM] Delcam Crispin ShoeCost 2015 R2 SP2
  • [MENTOR] Mentor.Graphics.ModelSIM.SE.v10.4.Win64
  • [Autodesk] Autodesk Simulation Mechanical 2016
  • [Dassault CATIA ] Dassault.Systemes.Simulia.FE-Safe.v6.5-02
  • [Other CFD] Altair HyperWorks Solvers 13.0.212 HofFix
  • [Other CFD] PyroSim 2015.1.0130
  • [Water Conservancy] PetraSim.v2015.1.0225
  • [Other EDA] SPEAG SEMCAD X Matterhorn 15
  • [SYNOPSYS] Synopsys Synthesis 2014.09 SP3
  • [Autodesk] AUTODESK VRED V2016
  • [Chemical] Chemstations CHEMCAD v6.5.6
  • [Structural Analysis] CADopia.Professional.v15.0.1.87
  • [Other CAD/CAM] SolidCAM 2015 SP2 for SolidWorks 2012-2015
  • [Other EDA] Aldec.Riviera-PRO.2015.02.76
  • [Structural Analysis] Cype 2014p
  • [Cadence] Cadence Allegro SPB v17.0 Windows
  • [Math Statistics] Wolfram Mathematica v10.1.0
  • [Other CAD/CAM] Vero Machining Strategist v15.0.6
  • [Other EDA] IMST EMPIRE XPU 7.0
  • [Development ] solidThinking Evolve 2015.4848 Win64
  • [ANSYS] ANSYS 16.0 nCode DesignLife buld 193
  • [Autodesk] AutoCAD Civil 3D 2016
  • [Other CFD] Siemens FEMAP v11.2.0 with NX Nastran
  • [DELCAM] Delcam Crispin ShoeMaker 2015 R2 SP1
  • [Autodesk] AutoCAD Plant 3D 2016
  • [Autodesk] Autodesk AutoCAD P&ID 2016
  • [Autodesk] Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite Ultimate 2016
  • [MENTOR] Mentor Graphics Leonardo Spectrum 2015
  • [Other EDA] Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015 Update 2
  • [MENTOR] Mentor Graphics HyperLynx 9.1.1
  • [BENTLEY] Bentley AutoPIPE Vessel (Microprotol) V8i SS1
  • [Other CFD] Altair HWDesktop 12.0.121 Win&Linux HotFix
  • [Autodesk] Autodesk AutoCAD Design Suite Ultimate 2016
  • [Structural Analysis] Consteel 9.0
  • [Other CAD/CAM] DataKit CrossManager 2015
  • [Autodesk] Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical 2016
  • [BENTLEY] Bentley MOSES V8i (SELECTSeries 2)
  • [Design_Tools] Transoft.AutoTURN.Pro.3D.v9.0.3.316
  • [PTC] PTC WindChill R10 M020
  • [BENTLEY] Bentley.Microstran.Advanced.
  • [Other CAD/CAM] CimatronE V12
  • [Autodesk] Autodesk AutoCAD MEP 2016
  • [Autodesk] Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture 2016
  • [Autodesk] Autodesk Inventor 2016
  • [Optics] Lumerical 2015a build 387 MacOsx
  • [Chemical] AspenONE Engineering suite v8.7
  • [Other CFD] Samtech_Samcef_Solvers_16.1-02_Win64
  • [Geographic Information] Applied.Imagery.Quick.Terrain.Modeller.v8.0.4.4
  • [Other EDA] OMRON CX-ONE 4.32 with Updates
  • [Other EDA] Altium Designer 15.0.15
  • [SolidWorks] SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2015 SP2.1
  • [Other CAD/CAM] CAMWorks 2015 SP1.0
  • [BENTLEY] Bentley RAM Structural System V8i (SELECTSeries 7)
  • [Other CAD/CAM] Missler Topsolid 2015 v7.9
  • [Math Statistics] Maplesoft Maple 2015
  • [Geographic Information] SARMAP SARscape 5.1.1
  • [Other CFD] ETA Inventium PreSys 2014 R1
  • [Development ] B&K PULSE LabShop 18.1
  • [Ship Design] DNV SESAM 2014
  • [Other EDA] Polar Instruments Si9000e 2014 v14.07
  • [Other EDA] SNT QualNet Developer 5.2
  • [SolidWorks] SolidWorks 2015 SP2.1 Full Multilanguage
  • [SYNOPSYS] Synopsys Formality vJ-2014.09 SP3 Linux64
  • [SYNOPSYS] Synopsys TetraMax vJ-2014.09 SP3
  • [SYNOPSYS] Synopsys IC Compiler vJ-2014.09 SP3
  • [Other EDA] CST Studio Suite 2015
  • [Autodesk] AutoCAD.v2016.Win32.win64
  • [Other CAD/CAM] Vero.VISI.v21.1.Multilanguage
  • [Autodesk] Autodesk.AutoCAD.Mechanical.v2016
  • [Other EDA] Mathworks Matlab R2015a Win64
  • [petroleum] Cmost Studio 2014
  • [Geographic Information] Paradigm Geolog v7.2
  • [Geographic Information] Midland Valley Move 2015.1 win64
  • [Structural Analysis] Tekla.Structural.Designer.2015.v15.0.0.40
  • [UGS] DFMPro v4.0.0.2746 for NX 6.0-10.0 Win32.64
  • [Biomedicine] Schrodinger Suite 2015.1.win.linux
  • Contact:alexwinter2015@mail.ru

Latest software download tutorials

  • [Structural Analysis] TNO.Effects.v9.0.23.9724
  • [Development ] Aquaveo Groundwater Modeling System Premium v10.0.9
  • [Other CAD/CAM] Vero Edgecam 2015 R2
  • [Other CAD/CAM] VERO ALPHACAM 2015 R2
  • [Other CFD] CPFD.Barracuda.v17.0
  • [Development ] IBM.SPSS.Statistics.v23
  • [Other CAD/CAM] Gibbscam 2015
  • [PTC] PTC Creo 3.0 M040
  • [Chemical] Vectric Aspire
  • [Structural Analysis] CSI Bridge 2015 v17.2.0.1140
  • [Structural Analysis] CSI SAP2000 v17.2.0.1140
  • [Other EDA] Mathworks Matlab R2015a Linux64
  • [Other EDA] ATP-EMTP v11.4
  • [Other CAD/CAM] JewelCAD.Pro.v2.2.3
  • [Other CFD] PointWise 17.3 R2
  • [Other CFD] Intelligent Light FieldView v15
  • [Other CFD] BETA CAE Systems v15.3
  • [DELCAM] Delcam PartMaker 2015 R1 SP1
  • [DELCAM] Delcam.Crispin.ShoeMaker.2015.R2.SP2.Update.Only
  • [DELCAM] Delcam PowerInspect 2015 SP2
  • [SYNOPSYS] Synopsys.CosmosScope.vJ-2015.03
  • [Development ] Autopack.iDesign.Plus.v6.1.7
  • [Cadence] Cadence Allegro and OrCAD 17.00.001 Hotfix
  • [BENTLEY] Bentley Multiframe v17.00.06.00
  • [Ship Design] Bentley Maxsurf v20.00.06.00
  • [BENTLEY] Bentley.RAM.Connection.V8i.SS6.
  • [Other CFD] Siemens LMS Samtech Samcef Field v16.1
  • [SolidWorks] PowerSurfacing RE v2.10.9769
  • [Other CFD] DEMSolutions EDEM 2.7
  • [Optics] OPTIS OptisWorks 2015
  • [Other EDA] Altium Designer 15.1.9 Build 44146
  • [petroleum] SimSci PROII v9.3 Patch 2 update
  • [BENTLEY] Bentley ProStructures V8i SELECTseries 6
  • [Water Conservancy] Thunderhead.Engineering.PyroSim.v2015.2.0512
  • [Optics] OPTIS SPEOS CAA V5 Based v18
  • [Biomedicine] Molsoft.ICM-Pro.v3.8-3
  • [Water Conservancy] PetraSim.v2015.2.0430
  • [Structural Analysis] Tekla Structures v21 SR1 x64
  • [Other CAD/CAM] Spaceclaim 2015 SP1
  • [BENTLEY] Bentley GeoStructural Analysis v19.00.41.00
  • [Other CFD] FunctionBay RecurDyn V8R3 SP2 Win64 Update Only
  • [Other CFD] Theseus-FE 5.0.1
  • [SolidWorks] SolidWorks 2015 SP3.0 Full Multilanguage
  • [DELCAM] PowerShape 2015 R2 SP2 Update Only
  • [Other CAD/CAM] Megatech.MegaCAD.3D.2015
  • [Water Conservancy] CADSWES.RiverWare.v6.6.5
  • [PTC] BUW.Plugins.Suite.for.ProE.WildFire.Creo
  • [Other CFD] Altair HW AcuSolve 13.0.302 HofFix
  • [Design_Tools] Accelrys.Materials.Studio.v8.0
  • [SolidWorks] SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2015 SP3.0
  • [AGILENT] Agilent SystemVue 2015.01
  • [UGS] Siemens PLM NX 10.0.1 MP02 Update
  • [Other EDA] Frontline Genesis 2000 v10.2
  • [Development ] Agisoft PhotoScan Professional v1.1.6
  • [Autodesk] Torus Roundabouts v5.0.1.218 for autocad 2016
  • [Other CAD/CAM] DP Esprit 2015
  • [Other CFD] Star-CCM+ 10.02.012-R4
  • [Other CFD] CFTurbo.v10.0.0
  • [SolidWorks] CAMWorks 2015 SP1.1 Multilang for SolidWorks 2014-2015
  • [petroleum] Proware.Metsim.v2015.04
  • [DELCAM] Delcam Crispin ShoeCost 2015 R2 SP3
  • [DELCAM] Delcam Crispin Engineer Pro 2015 R1 SP2
  • [Water Conservancy] Aquaveo GMS Premium v10.0.8
  • [Other CFD] Altair HyperXtrude 2015.120
  • [Autodesk] Autodesk.Simulation.MoldFlow.Adviser.Ultimate.v2016
  • [Autodesk] Autodesk CFD Flex 2016
  • [Math Statistics] Minitab v17.2.1
  • [Geographic Information] Topcon Tools v8.2.3_Link.8.2.3
  • [Other CFD] Simufact.Welding.v4.0.3
  • [Math Statistics] Trimble Business Center v3.50.5590.28609
  • [SolidWorks] SolidCAM.2015.SP2.HF3
  • [Other CAD/CAM] GibbsCAM.2015.v10.9.10.0
  • [Design_Tools] AVL Suite 2014.1
  • [BENTLEY] ProStructures V8i for AutoCAD v08.11.11.87
  • [Autodesk] Autodesk Helius Products 2016
  • [Other EDA] CST Studio Suite 2015 SP2 Update
  • [Structural Analysis] FIDES DV-Partner Suite 2015.050
  • [Other CFD] Siemens.LMS.Test.Lab.rev14A.SL2
  • [petroleum] Flaresim 4.1.1
  • [Geological Prospecting ] PCI Geomatica 2015 for win64
  • [petroleum] Geosoft Oasis montaj v8.3.3
  • [Other CAD/CAM] NCG CAM V13.03
  • [NI] NI Circuit Design Suite 14.0
  • [Geographic Information] dGB Earth Sciences OpendTect v4.6.0
  • [BENTLEY] Bentley RAM Structural System V8i
  • [Autodesk] AUTODESK_MAYA_V2016_MACOSX
  • [Other CFD] CEETRON.GLView.Inova.v9.1.03
  • [ANSYS] ANSYS Products 16.1
  • [ANSYS] Ansys Electromagnetics Suite v16.1
  • [Autodesk] Autodesk Advance Concrete 2016
  • [Autodesk] Autodesk Factory Design Suite Ultimate 2016
  • [Chemical] Applied Flow Technology Arrow v5.0.1111
  • [Casting ] ESI.ProCAST.2014.5.Win64
  • [Cadence] Cadence Sigrity 2015
  • [BENTLEY] Bentley Limcon v3.63.01.21
  • [Chemical] Applied Flow Technology Fathom v8.0.1149
  • [Other CFD] RealFlow.2014.v8.1.2.0192
  • [Structural Analysis] Nemetschek Allplan 2015-1-1
  • [Autodesk] Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Pro 2016
  • [Chemical] Applied Flow Technology Impulse v5.0.1131
  • Contact:alexwinter2015@mail.ru

Latest software download tutorials

  • [Geographic Information] Paradigm GOCAD v2015
  • [Siemens] Siemens NX 8.5-10.0 version 2015.06 Solvers Updates
  • [Other CAD/CAM] FTI FormingSuite 2015.1
  • [BENTLEY] Bentley Power GEOPAK V8i v08.11.09.845
  • [BENTLEY] Bentley PowerSurvey V8i v08.11.09.845
  • [BENTLEY] Bentley Rail Track V8i
  • [Optics] TracePro 7.6.1
  • [Optics] LightTools 8.3.1
  • [BENTLEY] Bentley RM Bridge Advanced+ V8i v08.11.28.0
  • [BENTLEY] Bentley MicroStation V8i v08.11.09.714
  • [Other CAD/CAM] Edgecam 2015 R2 SU1 Update
  • [Structural Analysis] CSI SAFE 2014 v14.1.1
  • [Math Statistics] Wolfram.Mathematica.10.2.0
  • [BENTLEY] Bentley GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite V8i
  • [Other CFD] CEI.ENSIGHT.GOLD.v10.1.5a
  • [DELCAM] Delcam Crispin ShoeMaker 2015 R2 SP5 Update
  • [NI] NI.LabVIEW.2015.v15
  • [BENTLEY] Bentley STAAD.Pro V8i SS6 v20.07.11.33
  • [Structural Analysis] Dlubal RSTAB 8.04 Win64
  • [Other CFD] Noesis Optimus 10.15
  • [Development ] Next Limit XFlow 2014 build 92
  • [DELCAM] Delcam Exchange 2016 Win64
  • [Dassault CATIA ] FTI v5.3 for CATIA V5R20-R24 Win64
  • [Roads_Bridges] PTV VisSim v8.0
  • [Other CAD/CAM] NCG CAM 14.0.01
  • [Structural Analysis] CSI Sap2000 v17.3.0
  • [Structural Analysis] CSI Bridge 2015 v17.3
  • [DELCAM] Delcam Crispin Engineer Pro 2015 R1 SP4
  • [Siemens] Siemens FEMAP v11.2.1 with NXNastran
  • [Other EDA] Lattice.Semiconductor.Lattice.Diamond.v3.5.0.102
  • [Other EDA] Lattice.Semiconductor.PAC-Designer.v6.30.1346
  • [Geographic Information] Exelis.IDL.ENVI.v8.4
  • [SolidWorks] SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2015 SP4.0
  • [MENTOR] Mentor Graphics Expedition X-ENTP VX.1.1
  • [SolidWorks] Logopress3 2015 SP0.6.1 for Solidworks W2013-2015
  • [Other EDA] EMSS FEKO Altair HWU 7.0.2
  • [Other CFD] CFTurbo v10.0.4.646
  • [Other EDA] CST Studio Suite 2015 SP3
  • [DELCAM] Delcam Crispin ShoeMaker 2015 R2 SP4 Update
  • [SolidWorks] DriveWorks Solo v12 SP1 for SolidWorks 2010-2015
  • [Other EDA] Altium Vault 2.5.10
  • [Biomedicine] Molecular.Operating.Environment.2014.0901
  • [Other EDA] Altium Designer 14.3.18 Multilingual
  • [Xilinx] Xilinx.Vivado.Design.Suite.2015.2
  • [DELCAM] Delcam PowerInspect 2015 R2
  • [Optics] TracePro Bridge v7.3.4
  • [NI] NI.Vision.v2014.SP1
  • [SolidWorks] SolidWorks 2015 SP4.0 Full Multilanguage
  • [Other CFD] Comsol Multiphysics update2
  • [DELCAM] Delcam FeatureCam 2015 R3
  • [SolidWorks] iMold v13 SP0 for SolidWorks 2011-2015
  • [SolidWorks] R&B SplitWorks 2014 SP0 for SolidWorks  [PTC] Geometric.DFMPro.v4.0.for.Creo.Parametric.v3.0
  • [SolidWorks] Geometric.DFMPro.v3.7.0.2732.for.SolidWorks.2010-2015
  • [Mould Processing] AutoForm.Plus.R6.Win64.&.Linux64
  • [Biomedicine] BioSolveIT.LeadIT.v2.1.8
  • [Geographic Information] Blue Marble Global Mapper v16.2.2.061915
  • [Biomedicine] SilhouetteFX.Silhouette.v5.2.17
  • [Other CFD] Taitherm (ex-Radtherm) 12.0.0
  • [DELCAM] Delcam PowerMILL2Vericut 2015 R2
  • [UGS] Siemens PLM NX 10.0.1 MP03 Update
  • [Cadence] Cadence Allegro and OrCAD 17.00.003 Hotfix
  • [DELCAM] Delcam PartMaker 2015 R1 SP2
  • [Cadence] Cadence Innovus v15.10.000
  • [Other EDA] Altera ModelSim 10.3d
  • [Other CFD] Oasys LS-DYNA v12
  • [Structural Analysis] Oasys_GSA_Suite_v8.7.45
  • [Virtual Reality] 3D_COAT_V4.5.02
  • [SYNOPSYS] Synopsys VCS MX vJ-2014.12 SP2
  • [petroleum] QPS.Fledermaus.v7.4.4a
  • [SolidWorks] 3DQuickPress_6.0.4_HotFix_Win64
  • [SYNOPSYS] Synopsys Hspice vK-2015.06
  • [Structural Analysis] CSI Safe 2014 v14.1.0
  • [Other CFD] Siemen LMS TecWare 3.10
  • [DELCAM] Delcam Crispin ShoeMaker 2015 R2 SP3
  • [Other EDA] Altera Quartus.II.v15.0
  • [SYNOPSYS] Synopsys PrimeTime StandAlone(PTS)  vK-2015.06
  • [Structural Analysis] Steel&Graphics TecnoMETAL 2016
  • [Other CFD] CEI EnSight 10.1.5
  • [PTC] PTC.Creo.Schematics.v3.0.M010
  • [SYNOPSYS] Synopsys IC Compiler II 2015.06
  • [Siemens] Siemens.LMS.Virtual.Lab.rev13.3
  • [petroleum] KBC Petro-SIM v6.0
  • [Dassault CATIA ] CATIA V5-6R2014 SP5 Win32_win64
  • [Other EDA] Spectrum.Micro-Cap.v11.0.1.2
  • [Biomedicine] Schrodinger.Suites.2015-2
  • [Other EDA] OMRON CX-ONE 4.33
  • [Other EDA] Laker v2015.03-1
  • [Biomedicine] Schrodinger.KNIME.Workflows.2015.2
  • [Lectra] Lectra.DiaminoFashion.v6R1.SP4
  • [Siemens] Siemens SolidEdge ST8 v108.00.00.091
  • [SYNOPSYS] Synopsys.CustomExplorer.vK-2015.06
  • [SYNOPSYS] Synopsys Saber vJ-2015.03
  • [Water Conservancy] CADSWES.RiverWare.v6.6.6
  • [Optics] Lumerical 2015b build 501
  • [Other EDA] IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM 7.40
  • [Chemical] AspenONE Engineering suite v8.8
  • [Other CFD] CD-Adapco Star CCM+ 10.04.008-R8
  • [Dassault CATIA ] DS CATIA V5-6R2015 SP2 Win32_win64 Update
  • Contact:alexwinter2015@mail.ru

Latest software download tutorials

[SYNOPSYS] Synopsys.FineSim.2015.06.Linux

[Math Statistics] Elite Software Chvac 8.02 With Drawing Board 6.01

[Other EDA] Antenna Magus Professional 5.4.0

[Dassault CATIA ] 3DCS Variation Analyst v7.3.0.0 for CATIA V5

[BENTLEY] Bentley.LEAP.Bridge.Steel.V8i.SS2.

[Other CAD/CAM] FTI FormingSuite 2015.1.2117

[Other CAD/CAM] SolidCAM 2015 SP3 HF1 Multilingual

[Casting ] FLOW-3D CAST Advanced v4.0.3

[ANSYS] ANSYS Customization Tools (ACT) 16.0-16.1 Suite

[ANSYS] ANSYS Electromagnetics Suite 16.2 Win64

[NI] NI Software Pack 08.2015 NI LabVIEW 2015

[Structural Analysis] Graitec Advance Super Bundle 2016

[Autodesk] Autodesk Revit 2016 SP1 Multilingual

[PTC] PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1

[Geological Prospecting ] Leica.LISCAD.v11.3

[Other CFD] B&K PULSE LabShop v19.0

[Development ] SolidThinking.Evolve.v2015.4945.Win64

[Other CFD] FLOW.SCIENCE.FLOW-3D.v11.0.4

[ANSYS] Ansys.Products.16.2.Win64

[PTC] PTC Mathcad 15.0 M040 Multilanguage

[petroleum] Paulin.Research.Group.V2015

[petroleum] Honeywell.UniSim.Design.R430

[Other CFD] GridPro v6.2

[Other CAD/CAM] TurboDesign suite 5.2

[Other CAD/CAM] Missler TopSolid 2015.2

[Cadence] Cadence SPB OrCAD 16.60.054 Hotfix

[Geological Prospecting ] AGI Systems Tool Kit(STK) v10.1.3

[Structural Analysis] CSI ETABS 2015 v15.1.0.125

[Other CFD] STAR-CCM+v10.04.011-R8

[Other CAD/CAM] GibbsCAM 2015 Build Multilingual

[NI] NI LabWindows/CVI 2015

[MENTOR] Mentor Graphics HyperLynx v9.2 Update1

[Other CFD] SIMULIA TOSCA Fluid 2.4.3

[Other CFD] SIMULIA TOSCA Structure 8.1.3

[Other CFD] SIMULIA Isight v5.9.4

[MENTOR] Mentor Graphics FloTHERM v11

[Structural Analysis] 2SI.PRO.SAP.RY2015b.v15.0.1

[Siemens] Siemens NX 9.0.3 MP08 x64 Update

[MENTOR] Mentor Graphics FloEFD 14.2 for NX-CATIAV5-Creo

[Water Conservancy] Golden.Software.Strater.v4.6.1700



[Other CAD/CAM] Gibbscam_2015_10.9.37.0_Win64

[Structural Analysis] CCG.MOE.v2014.0901

[Structural Analysis] DICAD Strakon Premium v2015 Multilingual

[Other CAD/CAM] Geometric Glovius Professional v4.0.0.414

[Other CFD] beta ansa v16

[Other CFD] SIMULIA Abaqus 6.14-4 Win64.&.Linux64

[Other EDA] cam350 v12.1 with BluePrint-PCB 5.1

[Other EDA] Altera Quartus II version 15.0 Update 2

[Geographic Information] Lakes Environmental AUSTAL View v8.6.0

[Geographic Information] Chasm.Ventsim.Visual.Premium.v4.0.6.1

[Animation] NewTek.LightWave3D.v2015.2

[Geographic Information] Golden.Software.Surfer.v13.0.383

[DELCAM] Delcam PowerSHAPE 2016 Win64

[Xilinx] Xilinx SDSoC 2015.2

[Other CFD] Altair HWSolvers 12.0.224 HotFix Win_Linux

[MENTOR] Mentor.Graphics.Tanner.Tools.16.3

[Other EDA] AWR.Design.Environment.Analyst-MP.12.0

[Development ] Lakes Environmental ARTM View v1.4.2

[Development ] Lakes.AERMOD.View.v8.9.0

[PTC] PTC Creo 3.0 M050

[petroleum] Integrated Engineering Software QuickSuite v4.00.0012

[petroleum] Integrated Engineering Software Visual Analysis 12.0

[SolidWorks] SolidCAM2015 with SP3

[Siemens] Siemens.NX.v10.0.2.Update.Only

[DELCAM] Delcam PowerMILL2Vericut 2016


Latest software download

[Other CFD] Altair HyperWorks Solvers 13.0.213 HotFix

[Other CAD/CAM] FTI FormingSuite 2015.1.2119

[Other CFD] RBF Fluent v16.2

[Water Conservancy] Aquaveo Watershed Modeling System v10.0.11

[Autodesk] Autodesk.Delcam.Crispin.TechPac.2016.R1

[Autodesk] Autodesk_ Delcam_ Crispin_LastMaker_2016_R1


[Autodesk] Autodesk Crispin ShoeCost 2016 R1

[Autodesk] Autodesk_Crispin_ShoeMaker_2016_R1_Win64

[Animation] Fabric Engine v2.0.0

[Animation] HDR Light Studio v5.2.1

[Other CFD] Zentech.Zencrack.v7.9.3

[Water Conservancy] Applied Flow Technology Fathom v9

[Other CFD] Safe.Software.FME.Server.v2015.1.2.15538.Incl.Keygen

[PTC] PTC.Creo.3.0.M060

[Other CAD/CAM] Geomagic.Design.v2015.0.1

[Other CFD] Simulation.Lab.Software.SimLab.Composer.2015.v6.1

[Autodesk] Autodesk_Crispin_PatternCut_2016_R1

[Other CFD] Csimsoft.Trelis.Pro.v15.1.5

[Other CFD] Comsol Multiphysics 5.1.3

[Other CFD] Siemens_FEMAP_v11.2.2_with_NXNastran_Win64

[Other CAD/CAM] Compost4 v4.1.5.0

[Other CFD] PointWise_17.3_R4

[Other EDA] Nirvana.PLUS.2D.Metal.Glass.Wood.v9.62

[Other EDA] Gerbtool GT-Designer v16.7.6

[DELCAM] Delcam powermill 2015 r2 for 64bit

[Structural Analysis] Chief.Architect.Premier.v17.3.1.1

[petroleum] CAE Datamine Studio 3.24

[Other EDA] SynaptiCAD.Product.Suite.v20.01

[Other CAD/CAM] OneCNC XR6

[Other CAD/CAM] Camtek PEPS v7.1

[Other CFD] Oasys.SlopeFE.v20.0.0.28

[Siemens] Siemens FiberSIM 2012 SP1 HF1.1 for CATIA V5 R19-R22

[Other CAD/CAM] CAMWorks.2015.SP2.for.Solid.Edge.64bit

[Other CAD/CAM] Camnetics.Suite.2016

[Development ] CCDC GOLD Suite v5.3

[Other CFD] NUMECA FINE Turbo 10.1

[Structural Analysis] SeismoStruct v7.0.4

[Other CFD] Oasys GSA Suite v8.7.50

[MENTOR] Mentor Graphics FloTHERM 11.0 Update1 Only Linux64

[Water Conservancy] Schlumberger Visual MODFLOW Flex 2015.1 v3.0.507.4

[petroleum] LimitState.SLAB.v1.0.d.18482

[petroleum] LimitState RING.v3.1.b.17345

[petroleum] LimitState.GEO.v3.2.d.17995.X64

[Chemical] Reaction Design Chemkin Pro v15.13.1

[Dress Designing ] PolyPattern_v7.0v6

[Structural Analysis] ADAPT.PT.RC.2015

[SolidWorks] IMOLD V13 SP2 Premium

[Structural Analysis] ADAPT-Builder 2015.0

[PTC] PTC Creo 2.0 M180 with HelpCenter Multilan

[petroleum] GEOSLOPE.GeoStudio.2012.v8.11.1.7283

[petroleum] Tecplot RS 2015 R1 2015.1.1.63937

[Structural Analysis] Nemetschek Scia Engineer v15.1

[Development ] FireEx WinVent v4.0

[Design_Tools] ETA Dynaform v5.9.2.1

[BENTLEY] Bentley.AutoPIPE.Vessel.V8i.SS1.MR1.

[Other CFD] CFTurbo v10.0.6.651

[Other CAD/CAM] CimatronE 12.0 SP3P2

[Cadence] Cadence SPB OrCAD 16.60.056 Hotfix

[Ship Design] ShipConstructor 2015

[Management] Bureau.Veritas.VeriSTAR.Hull.v5.9.rev.1.X64

[Management] Bureau.Veritas.VeriSTAR.Optimise.v3.01.6

[Structural Analysis] Carlson.SurvPC.v4.06


[Ship Design] Paramarine v6.1

[SYNOPSYS] Synopsys Synplify vJ-2015.03 SP1

[Water Conservancy] CADSWES.RiverWare.v6.7.1

[Other EDA] Schneider Electric SoMachine 4.1 SP1.2

[Other CFD] CEI.Ensight.10.1.6a.GOLD

[Structural Analysis] GeoStru Products 2016

[ESI] ESI VAOne 2015 Win64


[NI] NI.Switch.Executive.v15.10.Incl.Keygen

[Structural Analysis] Carlson.Civil.Suite.2016.150731

[Siemens] Siemens Tecnomatix Jack 8.3

[Dassault CATIA ] DELMIA D5 V5-6R2014 GA

[Structural Analysis] CSI.XRevit.2016

[Autodesk] Autodesk Crispin Engineer Pro 2016

[Siemens] Siemens Solid Edge ST8 MP01 Update

[Other EDA] Eplan Electric P8 2.5 Multilanguage

[DELCAM] Delcam_PowerShape_2016_SP1_Update

[BENTLEY] Bentley HAMMER V8i v08.11.06.58

[BENTLEY] Bentley ProStructures V8i PowerProduct SS7

[Other CAD/CAM] Depocam v13

[Other EDA] Proteus 8 Professional 8.3 SP2 Build 19906

[Water Conservancy] Aquaveo Surface-water Modeling System Premium v11.2.12

[BENTLEY] Bentley PULS XM v08.09.00.28

[Other CAD/CAM] Mastercam.X9.v18.0.14020.0.Update1.Only.Win64

[Cadence] Cadence SPB OrCAD 16.60.055 Hotfix

[Optics] Lumerical Suite 2015b build 590

[DELCAM] Delcam.PowerINSPECT.2015.R2.SP1

[Optics] Lucidshape 2.0

[Other CFD] ThirdWaveSystems AdvantEdge 6.2

[Geographic Information] Mintec.MineSight.3D.v9.0

[Geographic Information] ESRI.CityEngine.2015.1.147045.Win64

[Structural Analysis] Sydney.LIMSTEEL.v3.51.PRFSA.v4.014.SupaPurlin.v3.2.0.Purlin.v2.8.20.THINWALL.v2.1.47

[Other EDA] CST Studio Suite 2015 SP4 Update

[Management] Mosek.ApS.Mosek.v7.1

[Management] FEI Amira 6.0.1

[BENTLEY] Bentley WaterCAD V8i


Latest software download list

  • [Geographic Information] RokDoc v6.1.4
  • [Development ] Deswik v4.0.1416.29157
  • [MENTOR] Mentor.Graphics.QuestaSim.v10.4c
  • [petroleum] schlumberger Petrel 2015.1 win64
  • [MSC] MSC Adams 2015.0 Win64
  • [Dassault CATIA ] Dassault Systemes GEOVIA Minex v6.4.2
  • [Other CFD] Siemens LMS Virtual.Lab Rev 13.4
  • [Animation] The.Foundry.Modo.v901.SP3
  • [Nonlinear] SIDEFX_HOUDINI_FX_V15.0_WIN64
  • [Other CFD] nCode Altair HyperWorks DesignLife v11
  • [Geological Prospecting ] Blue.Marble.Global.Mapper.v17.0.2.101915
  • [Structural Analysis] 3Muri professional v10
  • [Structural Analysis] Cype 2015
  • [BENTLEY] Bentley STAAD.Pro V8i SS6 v20.07.11.45
  • [Autodesk] Autodesk Crispin LastMaker 2016 R1 SP1 x64 Update
  • [Autodesk] Autodesk Crispin ShoeMaker 2016 R1 SP1 x64 Update
  • [Siemens] Siemens NX 10.0.2 MP03
  • [Other CFD] CD-Adapco Star CCM+ 10.06.009
  • [SolidWorks] R&B MoldWorks 2014 SP0 for SolidWorks 2013-2016
  • [Dassault CATIA ] Dassault Systemes SIMULIA SIMPACK 9.8.2
  • [Other CFD] Altair SimLab 14.0
  • [Math Statistics] Wolfram Mathematica 10.3.0
  • [Development ] Next Limit xFlow 2015.96
  • [Math Statistics] STATA 14.0
  • [Geographic Information] Schlumberger Eclipse 2015.1
  • [petroleum] OMNI 3D 2015
  • [Cadence] Cadence SPB OrCAD 16.60.059 Hotfix
  • [DELCAM] Delcam FeatureCam 2016 R1 SP1
  • [Other CAD/CAM] GibbsCAM 2015 v11.0.9.0 Multilanguage
  • [Other CFD] CONVERGE 2.2.0 datecode 24.09.2015
  • [Autodesk] Autodesk_Delcam_Crispin Engineer Pro 2016 SP1
  • [Roads_Bridges] Optimal Solutions Sculptor v3.6.150616
  • [Geographic Information] Golden Software Voxler v4.0.476
  • [Other CAM] NREC MAX-PAC v7.4.4
  • [petroleum] BR&E ProMax 2.0.7047.0 X64
  • [Geological Prospecting ] Gedco Vista 2015
  • [Geographic Information] VMGSIM.V9.0.46
  • [Other CAD/CAM] Solid Edge ST8 MP02 Update
  • [Other CAD/CAM] Mastercam_X9_Update2_v18.0.15514.0_Win64_download
  • [petroleum] Thunderhead.Engineering.Pathfinder.v2015.2.1012
  • [Geographic Information] Carlson Survey Embedded 2016
  • [Other CFD] AVL.CRUISE.M.2015
  • [Chemical] Chemstations.CHEMCAD.Suite.v6.5.7.8139
  • [Dassault CATIA ] Type3 CAA V5 Based v5.5A for CATIA V5R19-R24
  • [Structural Analysis] Nemetschek.SCIA.Engineer.2015
  • [petroleum] CA Spectrum Windows VM Win64
  • [Control] EFI Fiery XF 6.2
  • [MENTOR] Mentor Graphics Calibre v2015.1
  • [Other CAD/CAM] TEBIS V3.5 R8 for win64
  • [Optics] Zemax OpticStudio V15 SP1
  • [Geographic Information] ESRI ArcGIS Desktop v10.3.1
  • [petroleum] Tahoe Design HYDROFLO v3.0.0.4
  • [petroleum] IHS Kingdom Suite 2015 Advanced 2015.0 v9.0 build 69
  • [Other CAD/CAM] VERO.EDGECAM.V2016.R1
  • [SolidWorks] SolidWorks Premium 2016 Full Multilanguage Win64
  • [Other CFD] ESTECO modeFRONTIER 2014 Update1 MultiLanguage
  • [ESI] ESI Group VA One 2015.0 for win64
  • [DELCAM] Delcam PowerSHAPE 2016 SP2 Update only
  • [DELCAM] Delcam Exchange 2016 R2 CR 8.3.1005
  • [PTC] PTC_Creo_Elements_Pro_5.0_M280
  • [ESI] ESI_Visual_Environment_10.7_Win64
  • [Other CFD] ThirdWaveSystems_AdvantEdge_7.1_Win64
  • [DELCAM] Delcam_PowerINSPECT_2015_R2_SP2
  • [Siemens] Siemens_NX_10.0.2_MP


2015-11_latest software_release_download

[BENTLEY]Bentley MicroStation CONNECT Edition

[SolidWorks] SolidWorks Enterprise PDM 2015 SP5.0

[Development ] Insight.Numerics.Detect3D.v2.13.Win64

[Other CAD/CAM] GibbsCAM 2015 v11.0.14.0 Multilanguage Win64

[Other CFD] Altair HyperWorks Desktop v12.0.125 Hotfix

[SolidWorks] Autodesk HSMWorks 2016 R1.40294 for SolidWorks 2010-2016

[ANSYS] CivilFEM 14.5 for ansys

[Other CAD/CAM] Lantek Flex3d v35.01_CADCAM

[Other CAD/CAM] Motor-CAD v9.3.1

[Siemens] Siemens NX 10.0.3_NX 10.0 MR3_Update

[Other CFD] NUMECA FINE Open with OpenLabs v5.1 for win64&linux64

[SolidWorks] Logopress3 2015 SP0.7 for SolidWorks 2013-2016

[Other CFD] AVL CRUISE M 2015.1

[Development ] NeuroSolutions Pro v7.1

[Other CFD] ITI SimulationX

[MSC] MSC Actran 15.0

[Development ] Embarcadero RAD Studio 10 Seattle Architect update1

[petroleum] Powerlog 9.1

[Design_Tools] AutoTURN V10.3.148 for Autodesk Revit 2016

[BENTLEY] Bentley.MSTower.

[BENTLEY] Bentley.Limcon.

[Dassault CATIA ] Solid Edge ST8 MP03 v108.00.03.004 Update

[Mould Processing] AutoForm Plus R6.0.1.4 Update

[Other EDA] DownStream Products 2015.11

[Management] Palisade Decision Tools 7.0

[Other EDA] Zuken CR5000 SD/BD v14

[Design_Tools] AutoTURN 9.1

[Other CAD/CAM] CADmeister V10.0

[petroleum] CGG Furgo Jason V9.0

[Development ] IBM Rhapsody v8.1.3

[Structural Analysis] CSI Bridge 2016 v18.1

[Other CAD/CAM] Vero Machining Strategist 2016 R1

[SolidWorks] nPower PowerSurfacing v2.30.0075

[Casting ] solidThinking.Click2Cast.v3.0.4.014.Win64

[Other CFD] Oasys.GSA.Suite.v8.7.50

[Structural Analysis] CSI Sap2000 v18.0

[SolidWorks] SolidWorks 2015 SP5.0 Full Multilanguage

[Other CFD] COMSOL.Multiphysics.v5.2

[BENTLEY] Bentley Acute3D ContextCapture Center v4.0.0.5556

[Other CFD] Brüel & Kj?r Pulse 20.0


[BENTLEY] Bentley topoGRAPH V8i v08.11.09.95


Buhodra Ingenieria ISTRAM ISPOL v11.20

[Other EDA] Actix.Analyzer.v5.5.323.467

[BENTLEY] RAM Structural System CONNECT Edition 15

[BENTLEY] Bentley SACS CONNECT Edition v10.00.00.01

[Other EDA] Altium Designer 16.0.5 Build 271

[Other CAD/CAM] Motor-CAD v9.2.5

[Other EDA] Etap PowerStation v14.0


[ANSYS] Ansys 16.2 nCode 11.0 Win_Linux


[petroleum] Schlumberger VISAGE 2015.1

[Geographic Information] Schlumberger Techlog 2015.1

[Other EDA] SIMetrix pro 8.0

[Structural Analysis] Tekla Structures v21.1 Multilingual Win64

[Other CFD] CEI EnSight v10.1.6(b) for win&Linux

[petroleum] CMG SUITE 2015

[Other CFD] Ricardo Suite 2015.2

[Other CAD/CAM] IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2015 17.0 x64

[Other EDA] Wise.Software.Solutions.VisualCAM.v16.7.82

[Other EDA] Altium Designer 15.1.15 Build 50867

[Other CAD/CAM] Concepts Nrec Max PAc 7.4

[petroleum] ihs Que$tor 2015

[Other CAD/CAM] CAMWorks 2016 for Solid Edge ST7-ST8 Win64

[Animation] Isotropix.Clarisse.iFX.v2.0.SP6

[Geographic Information] Roxar Tempest 7.1

[petroleum] Schlumberger Petromod 2015.1

[petroleum] FRACPRO 2015 v10.8

[Geographic Information] Paradigm 15

[Autodesk] Autodesk_HSMWorks_2016_R1.40216

[Other CAD/CAM] Geometric Glovius Professional v4.1.0.13

[Other EDA] Pulsonix 8.5

[SYNOPSYS] Synopsys Synplify K-2015.09

[Dassault CATIA ] CATIA V5-6R2015 SP3

[Autodesk] Autodesk Crispin PatternCut 2016 R1 SP1

[Mould Processing] Simufact Forming v13.2

[Other CFD] CD-Adapco.Star-CD.v4.24.005

[Other CAD/CAM] GibbsCAM 2015 v11.0.11.0


[Other CAD/CAM] VoluMill NEXION

[Geographic Information] RokDoc v6.1.4

[Development ] Deswik v4.0.1416.29157

[MENTOR] Mentor.Graphics.QuestaSim.v10.4c

[petroleum] schlumberger Petrel 2015.1 win64

[MSC] MSC Adams 2015.0 Win64

[Dassault CATIA ] Dassault Systemes GEOVIA Minex v6.4.2